Top Line Results AFOL survey Q2 2014‏

Please see below regarding the latest findings of the AFOL survey for 2014 Q2.

AFOL Survey – Q2 2014 Summary

Dear LEGO® fan community,

We surveyed over 4500 AFOL and over 500 TFOL in May 2014 as part of an ongoing initiative to better understand the Adult Fan of LEGO community motivations and activities. Nearly a quarter of AFOL respondents hailed from Asia and an additional quarter from North America. Other regions that represented just under 10% of the respondent base included Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Southern Europe. More than half of the AFOL respondents have been engaged with the community for three years or less, and the bulk were between 25-44 years old.

AFOL who are likely to recommend the product cite aspects of creativity and use of LEGO products by all ages. Those who are much less likely to recommend cite price as a major reason.

Though about half of AFOL are mainly solitary builders, there are differences between various regions. The most solitary builders are in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Australia/New Zealand; the most social, in Central/South America, Asia, Central Europe, and Southern Europe. In Eastern, Western, and Southern Europe, and in Asia, participation in various types of activities is lower. And, frequency of building is lowest in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia. Just over half of AFOL respondents belong to a LUG, though Western and Eastern Europe have the lowest LUG participation. AFOL in Western Europe and in Asia say they don’t belong to a LUG primarily because they are not aware of any; however, AFOL in all other regions who are not members say they don’t have time.