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Google Feedburner has now finally terminated their email subscription service for good. The last Toys N Bricks LEGO News Google Email was sent out on Monday, July 25, 2022. Their interface has also changed and removed the email subscription page now. 

Google Feedburner was suppose to end last year in July 2021 and we started using However we switched back to Google Feedburner Email Subscription last year in Fall 2021 as we saw that they were still running the service. As such, some Toys N Bricks subscribers were receiving their email subscriptions from while others were receiving them from Google Feedburner. 

Toys N Bricks now has some more new email subscribers from Google Feedburner. This was due to the fact that we changed our subscription form back to Google Feedburner in Fall 2021. As such, these subscribers will be transferred to the (Google Feedburner alternative) email service automatically within the next few days. No action is needed on your part. 

Kindly note that we have a lot of unconfirmed email subscribers. Unconfirmed subscribers are those that did not confirm their email when they have subscribed. These unconfirmed subscribers did not receive any email subscriptions from us in the past. In addition, we will not be moving these subscribers to our new email list. 

If you like to receive email updates about new articles that we have written, you can subscribe to our new service below. Make sure to confirm your subscription from the email that is sent to you. Unconfirmed email subscriptions will not receive emails from us. Emails will be sent out once a day usually in the evening (PST time) with all the articles for the day. 

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