Toys N Bricks New LEGO Forum Platform (Beta)

Toys N Bricks is pleased to announce that we will be trying a new LEGO forum platform. This new forum platform will have its own domain at Its a bit different compared to the old forums we used to have but it does have a cleaner look.

The existing forum platform will remain and continue to be operated. The new forums can be accessed on the tab “Forum (Beta)” while the old forums can be accessed on the tab “Forum (Classic)”. The new forum is still currently being tested so we will continue to make changes as we progress. If everything turns out to be ok, we will close the old forums and move to the new forums.

Feel free to register for an account, introduce yourself and create some LEGO discussions. We’re not expecting the forums to be super active judging from the old forums, but we will still have both up and running as a service to our fans and readers. (:

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