Toys N Bricks Site Updates (Forums, News Site & More) – June 2024

Hello Toys N Bricks readers, I’d just like to give a brief update on some of the things happening with our sites currently. These website infrastructure updates are only done when time permits as the main focus for me is on getting the LEGO news out.

Archive Invision Board Forums (2020 to 2022)

Our Invision Board forums at (Active from 2020 to 2022) has been updated to the latest version. It has been updated to version 4.7.17 which was just released on May 29, 2024. Since our forum service discontinuation in 2022, we haven’t updated it. So yes, there’s been like over 20 version updates all at once. This also include changing our php version to ensure the site is still functional. The previous php version it was on has been deprecated and support is no longer provided. 

The forums will continue to remain available for archive and history purposes. At this point in time, there’s no current immediate plans to reopen the forums for member discussions. However, I won’t say never as I just recently renewed the forum license.

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Archive phpbb Forums (2009 to 2017)

Our other old archive phpbb forums at (Active from 2009 to 2017) will eventually be moved on to its own domain on another server. There’s a high volume of spam (high guest count) on the phpbb forum that is overloading and impacting our other sites. and are currently hosted on another server and we plan on moving the phpbb to the same server as well. will have its own independent server. (LEGO News Site)

I’ve just recently updated the theme version. The theme update was back in December 2023 so I’m glad that I’ve finally updated this. All other plugins and any other relevant software updates have been done to ensure the most up to date site. 

Search Algorithm

We’ve been hit pretty hard by the recent Google algorithm updates and most of our traffic comes from Google. I haven’t been able to read up on all the latest digital marketing trends and updates yet to pinpoint the exact causes. 

Thank You

Whenever I have extra time or when its slower in term of LEGO news, I’ll work on doing the IT updates and improvements as well as do more professional development and learning in the field of digital marketing. 

I appreciate the emails or messages submitted to us either through our forms or through social media. While I cannot reply to everyone, I do read most of them.

In a way to better balance my working life as well as the limited time I have each day, I aim to check and work on the website usually at least once a day (usually after my full-time day job). Rest assure that all major LEGO news will continue to be covered. 

At Toys N Bricks, we are committed to service excellence and the highest level of quality and care. As always, thank you for your continued support and trust in Toys N Bricks. 

-Albert, Founder of Toys N Bricks

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