ToysRUs Canada LEGO Sale: January 25 – February 7

For 2 weeks from January 25 to February 7, Toys R Us Canada will be offering a variety of sales. They also have four LEGO Movie 2 events happening. However, note that they are not as accessible as they are only limited to certain specific stores. Details available at Toys R Us Canada.

LEGO Sales:

  • 20% off ALL $49.99 and up LEGO City and Friends
  • 20% off Select LEGO Creator & LEGO Technic
  • 40% off LEGO Elves Azari & the Goblin Forest Escape
  • 40% off LEGO Elves Emily Jones & Eagle Getaway
  • 40% off LEGO City Jungle Explorers Halftrack Mission
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