[uK] play.com LEGO Star Wars & Indiana Jones – SALE

play.com in the uK has a LEGO Star Wars & Indiana Jones sale ranging from 4-28% off with FREE Shipping as well. Thanks to our new forum member lostone for the news.

18% off : -7749 Echo Base          -7748 Cooporate Alliance Tank Droid

17% off : -7671 AT-AP Walker

16% off : -8017 Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter

The remainder of the Star Wars sets from play.com are 4-10% off.

Indiana Jones

28% off : -7627 Temple of the Crystal Skull

22% off : -7623 Temple Escape

16% off : -7625 River Chase        -7682 Shanghai Chase

The remainder of the Indiana Jones sets from play.com are 5-6% off.

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