The Sun Newspaper UK 2013 LEGO Promotion: Feb 23 – Mar 3

Forum member soulless_minion informs us that the British Sun Newspaper LEGO promotion is back for 2013! However, it appears that the promotion isn’t as good as before as you now have to pay to them to ship you the prizes rather than redeeming them yourself at a local toy retailer like Tesco or Toys R Us.

Basically, you have to collect 5 tokens between Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, March 2. Once you have collected 5 tokens, you send it to their address along with £2.20 postage stamps attached or a £3.99 cheque/credit card payment if you want them to do the shipping & packaging. Note that this is in addition to the postage that you need to have to ship the redemption form in the first place.

More details about ““The Lucky Dip” can be found on The Sun Newspaper LEGO site.

The Sun Newspaper LEGO UK