Unique New LEGO Sets for June 2014

Aside from the regular new theme releases like Friends Series 5 Pets, Agents, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninjago, Technic, City Artic & Trains, there’s also a bunch of other new unique products at LEGO Shop at Home. Until June 15, 2014 (or June 30th for Europe/UK), you can also get a free exclusive 40108 LEGO Balloon Cart Polybag when you spend $75/£50. The set goes great with the new Fairground Mixer exclusive set.

40112 Friends Model Catwalk

  • $14.99 US / $17.99 Canada / £10.99 UK
  • This set can apparently even hold onto your cellphone. There’s a stand at the back which fits perfectly for playing music!

LEGO Friends 40112 Model Catwalk - Toysnbricks


31026 Bike Shop & Cafe

  • $89.99 US / $109.99 Canada / £64.99 UK
  • If your looking for a smaller alternative to modular buildings, this set may just be for you! With plenty of details, this is one of the better Creator sets that was released this year

Creator 31026 LEGO Bike Shop and Café - Toysnbricks

2000414 Serious Play Starter Kit

  • $36.99 US  / $36.99 Canada / £23.99 UK
  • One of the new products LEGO has to offer, this set features a random selection of pieces. A perfect gift for people new to LEGO or just about any LEGO fan!

2000414 LEGO Serious Play Starter Kit - Toysnbricks

5002916 THE LEGO MOVIE Unikitty Key Light

  • $13.99 US / $16.99 Canada / £7.99 UK
  • There’s a variety of these new lights ranging from headlamps and keychains and you can choose from Super Man, Batman or Cat woman

5002916 THE LEGO MOVIE Unikitty Key Light - Toysnbricks


40118 Buildable Brick Box 2×2

  • $16.99 US / $19.99 Canada / £12.99 UK
  • Perfect for storing little items and accessories. There’s even a little minifigure doing a painting!

LEGO 40118 Buildable Brick Box 2x2 - Toysnbricks


Of course, there are also lots of new LEGO product collections ranging from Creator, City Arctic, Technic and Minecraft. Unfortunately, there’s not much incentives to get them as you don’t really get any discount. Hopefully as time passes, LEGO will add a freebie into these collections like they did when they added a watch for some of the older LEGO Star Wars bundles.

5004191 Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Collection 76021 76022 76020 76019 - Toysnbricks