LEGO 10214 Tower Bridge & LEGO 10216 Winter Village Bakery

August 13 Update: Official Announcement for LEGO 10216 is now available here.

August 12 Update: High resolution and additional views for LEGO 10216 are now available here

August 6 Update: Official Announcement for LEGO 10214 is now available here.

August 5 Update: High resolution and additional views for LEGO 10214 are now available here.

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July 21 Update: LEGO 10214 and LEGO 10216 pictures are now available here. has listed 2 new LEGO sets scheduled for October 1st! Although there are no pictures, we have received translations for the LEGO descriptions. Thanks to forum member darknight for the news.

LEGO 10214 Tower Bridge (4287 pieces)

London Tower Bridge on the River Thames is the world-famous landmark since 1894! Rare colored parts and the latest building techniques makes this perfect for display. Tower Bridge is a single unit containing 2 pairs of towers. The lock can be broken down into units and to carry. Includes London taxi, London traditional double-decker bus, yellow truck, and green bike. Model size 102 cm by 45 cm by 26 cm.

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LEGO 10216 Winter Village Bakery (687 pieces)

Lego recreates the magical Christmas scenes. Christmas came to a small village covered with snow! People enjoys skating on the icy pond, and you can recreate the fantastic scenes with lighted trees and owls. Christmas suite will bake bakery kind. You can light up the room lights on Pawafanshon. Includes 7 minifigures with lots of accessories such as creatures and owls.

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