[USA] 99 Cent Only Store – Variety of LEGO Dimensions Packs Available at $0.99 Cents

The LEGO Dimensions Packs appears to be going through several rounds of sales and clearances. However, it doesn’t look like these LEGO Dimensions Packs won’t get any better than $0.99 each. 99 Cent Only Store in America currently has many LEGO Dimensions Packs at $0.99 each. These Fun Packs normally retail at $11.99 USD each so this is a great bargain! You may want to check out your local 99 Cents Only Store for these LEGO Dimensions Packs. The pieces you get along with the minifigures make that $0.99 well worth it. Below is a picture from Chris Piccirillo via AFOLs of Facebook.

*99 Cent Only Stores are located primarily in South Western states which includes California.