[USA] Amazon BOGO 40% off LEGO (stackable on already discounted sets)

LEGO Superheroes 6860 The Batcave - Toysnbricks

Amazon America currently has BOGO 40% off select LEGO items again. Deal works on already discounted items which makes many of the deals even better. Already discounted sets include, but not limited to Hobbit Pirate Ship Ambush, Mirkwood Elf Army, and Batman Tumbler Chase, Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze. There’s lots of great items on the BOGO 40% off list including new releases like Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest Star Wars wave and more. Thanks to Patrick, forum members Clummie, SugarConroy and neoape for the news.

Check out the BOGO 40% off LEGO List at Amazon and don’t miss out on these great bargains!

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