[USA] Borders 50% off One LEGO Item: Its Back!

Update 2: Forum member stevenkok makes the first confirmation that the 50% off coupon scan from lukeskywalker works. Do note however that other cashiers may reject the coupon still.

Update: Forum member lukeskywalker has provided us a better 50% off coupon scan that looks more like the real thing. Rumors are also circulating that the original coupons are being handed out at closing Borders stores.

Borders Instores has a 50% off coupon good for one item. Coupon good until May 9. This time, there’s no exclusion for Toys & Games so LEGO qualifies! Unforunately, the coupon we have right now is photocopied so its not valid. You can however still see it in our Sales & Deals Forum. Thanks to forum member GuaranteedUnity  for the news.

Note: Closing stores will not accept these coupons.