[USA] LEGO 30013 30051 8028 Polybags – Now at Walmart

Update: LEGO Atlantis 30042 Mini Sub is also available. (thanks peanut)

It looks like Wal-Mart is getting some Easter Promotional Polybags this year as well. LEGO Star Wars 8028 & 30051 polybags were available last year at Target for a limited time. If you miss out picking them up, now would be a good time! The only new promotional polybag that was never released before is LEGO City 30013. All3 LEGO polybag sets are priced at $3.97 each. Thanks to forum member tommy20 for the news.

  • City 30013 Police Buggy 
  • Star Wars 30051 Mini X-Wing
  • Star Wars 8028 Mini Tie Fighter

 You can discuss about these polybags availability here.

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