[USA] LEGO Battle for Ninjago City 24% off + Many Friends Sets 20% off

Amazon America currently has LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City on sale for $90.99 (reg.$119.99). Savings work out to be 24% off. They have also price matched many items from this week’s Toys R Us sale.

LEGO Ultra Agents UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter 70170 - Toysnbricks
Super Heroes
Super Heroes Avengers Hydra Showdown $15.99 (reg.$19.99)
Darkseid Invasion $55.99 (reg.$69.99)
Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas $39.99 (reg.$49.99)

Emma’s House $55.99 (reg.$69.99)
Jungle Rescue Base $47.99 (reg.$59.99)
Heartlake Hot Air Balloon $23.99 (reg.$29.99)
Heartlake Lighthouse $31.99 (reg.$39.99)
Heartlake Hair Salon $23.99 (reg.$29.99)
Jungle Falls Rescue $15.99 (reg.$19.99)
Jungle Bridge Rescue $23.99 (reg.$29.99)
Stephanie’s Pizzeria $7.99 (reg.$9.99)
Vet Ambulance $7.99 (reg.$9.99)

Ultra Agents
UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter $63.99 (reg.$79.99)
Drillex Diamond $23.99 (reg.$29.99) 

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