[USA] LEGO Creator Propeller Plane, Monster Truck & Diving Yacht On Sale (26-28% off)

Amazon America currently has LEGO Creator 3in1 Propeller Plane 31099 on sale for $7.37 (reg.$9.99). Savings work out to be 26% off.

They also have LEGO City Monster Truck 60251 on sale for $7.19 (reg.$9.99). Savings work out to be 28% off.

Finally, they have LEGO City Diving Yacht 60221 for $14.39 (reg.$19.99). Savings work out to be 28% off.

Free shipping on orders above $25. The sets are respectively currently number 2, 1 and 19 on the Amazon USA LEGO Bestsellers List.

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