[USA] LEGO Sales Updates – TRU, B&N, Wal-Mart

Here’s a roundup of the various LEGO sales going on in America at the moment. Quite a few good bargains!

Barnes & Nobles

Forum member pumbaugh reports that Barnes & Nobles stores currently has the discontinued LEGO Alien Conquest 7066 Earth Defence HQ on clearance for $45 (reg.$89.99). Stacks with the 10% member discount. Discuss here.


Larry lets us know that he had success with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale on “Hard to Find/Online Exclusives” LEGO sets. Reports from various members in the forums also shows that if you are persistent enough, you can actually get them on sale.

Called TRU and spoke to them. After getting through and talking to 4 people I finally got them to accept the coupon for what it says and got my Winter Bakeries at the B2G1F. They had to issue a special code for me.


Couple of new LEGO clearance reports coming in. More reports available in the forums.

Michelle: Just thought I’d let you know that I purchased Lego STAR WARS 7931 Jedi T-6 Shuttle Set on clearance at Walmart for less than $30 a couple of hours ago.

beartrapper25: Wal-Mart has the Ewok Attack reduced to $19.99 vs the $24.99 msrp