[USA] LEGO Star Wars Clone Scout Walker 20% off & Case of 60 Disney Series 2 Minifigures Available

The 75261 LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Clone Scout Walker set is currently on sale for $24 (reg.$29.99). This is the most recent discount on this newly released set! Savings work out to be 20% off and the set includes a collectable Darth Vader Minifigure as well. Available at Amazon with free shipping on orders above $25.

In other news, boxes of 60 Disney LEGO Series 2 Minifigures are available for direct sale. This means you can get a fresh case of minifigures with multiple sets so you don’t have to handpick them. Available for $229.99 which works out to be about 4% off ($10) the retail price of $3.99 each minifigure.

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