[USA] LEGOShop Free Games Pirate Plank w/$99

Just before free shipping ends, LEGO Shop at Home America has added another LEGO promotion. Use coupon code PLNK and you can receive a free 3848 LEGO Games Pirate Plank set ($14.99 value) when you spend $99! Valid until September 20, 11:59pm EST. Thanks to forum member ncbarrett for the news.

As a reminder, here are the other September promotions going on. All 4 offers can be stacked together.

  • FREE Exclusive Moster Fighters Zombie Car set with purchase of $75 or more
  • FREE Shipping on orders above $75 (until September 21st only)
  • FREE Mini Sopwith Camel with purchase of 10226 Sopwith Camel (September 1st-December 31st)

Unfortunately, the free LEGO Games Pirates Plank deal is not valid for Canada. However, the other 3 promotions still applies.