[USA] Meijer.com 27% off LEGO City 3182 Airport

Valid at Meijer.com in USA only (Limited Time Offer)

Meijer.com currently has a few deals worth mentioning. Below is a list of some of of the products on sale. There are more on Meijer.com, (some of them have been going on since last month) but the ones we listed are new and probably going to be the top selling ones. Although Meijer charges shipping, there is a way you can get FREE Shipping on your first order above $75. Also, Meijer may not charge sales tax for some States. More details on FREE Shipping and Sales Tax available in our Sales & Deals Forum. Thanks to forum member keithk for the news.

Note: Meijer.com now offers international shipping. However, their shipping rates and duties & tax kills almost any deal they offer. For example: LEGO City Airport shipped to Canada: You pay 70% on shipping and 40% on duties & taxes. Final price works out to be $155.98 from Meijer.com which actually only cost $129.99 in Canada.

  • 30% off – Kingdoms Prison Tower Rescue $34.99 (reg.$49.99)
  • 30% off – City Passenger Plane $27.99 (reg.$39.99)
  • 30% off – World Racers Gator Swamp $27.99 (reg.$39.99)
  • 27% off – City Airport $72.99 (reg.$99.99)

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