[USA] Meijer Stores BOGO 50% off on Simpsons Minfigures

Forum member gvsualan gives us a heads up that Meijer stores currently has LEGO Simpsons Minifigures on sale for BOGO 50% off (reg.$3.99 each). This sale is good until the end of the month. Savings effectively works out to be 25% off when you buy 2 minifigures.

If you prefer to get a complete box of minifigures, Amazon France still got boxes of 60 LEGO 71009 Simpsons Series 2 Minifigures for €160,8 (reg.€179,40). With worldwide shipping and exchange rates included, you essentially get each minifigure at $2.7 each (reg.$3.99) which works out to be 32% off in savings.

71009 LEGO Minifigures Simpsons Series 2 Packet - Toysnbricks