[USA] Target Exclusives $5 off LEGO

Valid in USA with coupon only.

Target Logo (www.toysnbricks.com)

Target USA currently has a coupon for $5 off on any of these 3 LEGO items. Alternatively, you can use coupon code “TC9NOV29” on target.com as well. Thanks to starwarsgeek for the news.

-Star Wars Pirate Tank (reg.$39.99)

-Space Police Max Security Transport (reg.$39.99)

-Power Miners Cave Crusher (reg.$49.99)

More LEGO Sales are available in our forums

*Check out our member’s exclusive LEGO Sales & Deals forums. Our forums features more sales and are usually posted in advance there. Registration is free and fast. Toys N Bricks is USA’s #1 Destination for the latest LEGO sales & news source.

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