[USA] Target LEGO Clearance July 2012

Target stores in the United States are now starting to up their discount on LEGO clearances. It started off with 10-30% off but members are now reporting that savings are at 30-50% off. The sets are still pretty much the same, but these savings might just be enough to finally pull the trigger on some of these sets.

Here’s one of the reports sented in by Justin. All of the sets listed below were at least 30% off.

  • LEGO Star Wars Anakin’s & Sebulba’s Podracers 7962
  • LEGO City Police Station 7498
  • LEGO Dino T-Rex Hunter 5886
  • LEGO Alien Conquest Jet-Copter Encounter 7067
  • LEGO Alien Conquest UFO Abduction 7052
  • LEGO Alien Conquest Alien Mothership 7065