[USA] Target LEGO Clearances – Now Up to 50% off!

Valid Instores in USA only – while quantites last

We would like to remind everyone that Target is still continuing on with LEGO clearances. These clearances started a few weeks ago with 30% off (as mentioned here). However, some stores are now starting to clear them out for 50% off! Reports are coming in with these 50% off deals such as 5974 Galactic Enforcer for $49.98, 7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid for $12.48, and 7642 Garage for $49.98. Similar to the Zellers Canada clearance deals, we recommend scanning the sets at a price check scanner to confirm the prices.

LEGO Clearance Deals (30% or 50% off)

  • Ben 10
  • City (such as 7639, 7744, 7642)
  • Indiana Jones
  • Power Miners (such as 8964)
  • Prince of Persia
  • Space Police (such as 5974)
  • Star Wars (such as 7753, 8038)

Selection and clearance deals greatly varies by store. Some stores have sets at 30% off while others have them for 50% off. Visit our Sales & Deals Forum and look for the thread “Target Clearance” for the latest updates. We cannot cover everything as there are much much more LEGO clearances going on than the ones listed above.

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