[USA] Target LEGO Sale: August 14-20

Update: Forum member zak001 informs us that ALL other LEGO Star Wars sets (excluding UCS) are on sale for 10% off. Mandalorian Battle Pack and Clone Trooper Battle Pack are $10 each (reg.$11.99) which works out to be 17% off in savings.

This week from August 14-20, Target will be offering the following LEGO deals. Thanks to forum member natespizer for the heads up.  

  • 20% off – Spongebob Krusty Krab Adventures $19.99 (reg.$24.99)
  • 20% off – Star Wars Ewok Attack $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • 20% off – Star Wars The Battle of Naboo $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • $2 off – Games NinjaGo or Heroica Castle Fortaan $28 each (reg.$29.99)