[USA] ToysRUs BOGO 50% off ALL* LEGO

March 25 Update: Last week’s sale that was “stackable” with this week’s BOGO has now been fixed and no longer valid.

9:42 pm Update: Most of the online exclusives are out of stock now.  They do however have 4 Marvel sets available for pre-order including Wolverine’s Chopper (thanks sidersdd).

9:28 pm Update: Pet Shop is now out of stock.

This week from March 25-31, Toys R Us United States will be offering BOGO 50% off ALL LEGO construction sets. However, it excludes Star Wars, Superheroes and Friends themes. Maximize your savings up to 25% off by purchasing sets of equal value. Keep in mind that many sets have markups in them.

If your really quick right now, you can stack it with last week’s sale too! That gets rid of most of the markups (or even better if they’re at MSRP already). Great buy on stuff like LEGO online exclusives and many of them are instock right now.