[USA] ToysRUs BOGO 50% off LEGO Sale (Few Worthy Buys)

ToysRUs USA is having another BOGO 50% off ALL LEGO sale this week from December 18-24. This time, the sale excludes LEGO Star Wars, so yes, it should work on “already reduced” items. Online orders above $49 will qualify for FREE Shipping as well. Also, there is a free $10 Instore Coupon when you spend $100 or more and use Paypal during checkout. Offer runs until December 19 and $10 Instore Coupons can be redeemed from December 22-31. Details here.

Because LEGO markups at Toys R Us are going beyond the roof these days, here are a few worthy recommended buys (and yes, it stacks with BOGO 50% off). Very good deal on the Toys R Us Truck as it works out to be $22.49 each or 44% off when you buy 2. Its instock as of this posting too. Many of the other sets are sold out online but you can try instores pickup to see if your local stores have them.

Already Reduced LEGO Items

  • 33% off – Pharaoh’s Quest Scropion Pyramid $65.99 (reg.$99.99) – Choose Instores
  • 25% off – City ToysRUs Truck $29.99 (reg.$39.99)
  • 20% off – Ninjago Skeleton Bowling $23.99 (reg.$29.99) – Choose Instores

No Markups

  • Cars Tokyo International Circuit (reg.$89.99)
  • City Public Transport (reg.$99.99)
  • Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle (reg.$79.99)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge (reg.$119.99)

Thanks to forum member sidersdd for the news.