[USA] ToysRUs.com Additional 20% off purchases above $75

October 5 Update: Coupon code is now available for the public and not just in our Sales & Deals forum. Use Coupon Code – 940710 to receive this offer. We have also “sticky” this post because this is such a great deal with the coupon! Other LEGO news are still being reported so be sure to scroll down.

Valid October 3-9 at ToysRUs.com online only

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ToysRUs.com has a coupon for 20% off purchases above $75. Apparently, this coupon code will “stack” with this week’s LEGO Bricktober Sale! Example would be LEGO Star Wars 8098 Clone Turbo Tank on sale for $90.99 (MSRP reg.$119.99 – TRU reg.$129.99). With the coupon code, you can get it for $72.8 which works out to be almost 40% off!

Coupon code available exclusively in our Sales & Deals forum  is 940710. Online orders above $100 will qualify you for FREE Shipping as well. Thanks to our expert deal hunter gabriellee11 for the news!

For your convenience, we have created this list for you! But don’t forget, these are only a few of the many LEGO sets. ALL LEGO (including LEGO Modular Houses) will qualify for this deal. Even with the ToysRUs markups, this is a great deal!

  • City 7744 Police Headquarters (reg.$89.99) $66.49 Sale Price – $53.19 Coupon Price
  • Creator 10194 Emerald Night (reg.$99.99) $89.99 Sale Price – $71.99 Coupon Price
  • Creator 10197 Fire Brigade (reg.$149.99) $134.99 Sale Price – $107.99 Coupon Price
  • Creator 10211 Grand Emporium (reg.$149.99) $134.99 Sale Price $119.99 Coupon Price
  • Games 3837 Monster 4 (reg.$14.99) $10.49 Sale Price – $8.39 Coupon Price
  • Games 3840 Pirate Code (reg.$19.99) $13.99 Sale Price  – $11.19 Coupon Price
  • Games 3843 Ramses Pyramid (reg.$29.99) $20.99 Sale Price – $16.79 Coupon Price
  • Games 3851 Atlantis Treasure (reg.$24.99) $17.49 Sale Price – $13.99 Coupon Price
  • Power Miners 8191 Lavatraz (reg.$49.99)  $38.49 Sale Price – $30.79 Coupon Price
  • Space Police 5985 Police Central (reg.$79.99) $59.49 Sale Price – $47.59 Coupon Price
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