[USA] ToysRUs eBay 25% off MSRP on Star Wars Battle Packs

Forum member GuaranteedUnity informs us that the Toys R Us eBay store has LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs (Clone Trooper, Mandalorian, Hoth Rebel Trooper, or Hoth Snowtrooper) on sale for $8.99 (reg.$11.99). Savings works out to be 25% off. What makes it even better is that there’s FREE Shipping on these products.

I find it strange how Toys R Us can sell their products at a lower price on eBay when they have to pay both eBay and Paypal fees. With FREE Shipping on a $8.99 item, Toys R Us either makes really little money on these or not making a profit at all. Sometime, I really don’t get how Toys R Us runs their business. With the fees they have to pay, they should really sell these discounted items on their own site. Regardless, since we’re the consumers, we shouldn’t really care about the fees they have to pay. All we should do is just try to maximize our hard earned money so our consumer surplus can increase. =)

$8.99 is a pretty good deal for a Battle Pack (older generation battle packs MSRP used to be $9.99) after factoring the increase in inflation we’ve been facing in the past few years.