[USA] ToysRUs Free $5.99 LEGO Set Glitch

This week from April 15-21, Toys R Us United States will be offering a free $6.99 value set when you spend $30 or more on LEGO construction sets. Really, its a $5.99 value set as Toys R Us just marked them up to $6.99. Whats more, they’ll be limiting the free set to only these 6 Racers/Creator mini sets.

This is probably a very weak sale/promotion, but take note of the following glitch which I find very amusing. While it says you have to spend $30 or more on LEGO, it actually works even if its under $30. So yes, it works even on a $2.99 LEGO minifigure. You’ll end up paying $2.99 for $8.98 value of LEGO items which works out to be 67% off. However, there’s shipping charges (unless you spend $100) so it kills the deal.

Anyways, its just funny that their IT department is still having problems with their sales/promotion systems. You would have thought that they would have pulled it together by now considering what happened last week with their $10 off glitch!

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