[USA] ToysRUs Holiday Catalog & Gift Card Offer

As advertised on their holiday catalog, they will also be offering these freebie gifts until November 21. They also have some sales, but none of them are even worth mentioning as they have all been either price matched by Amazon.com already or their sale prices just brings the sets back to MSRP. A good buy would be The Hobbit Board Game from Amazon for $26.24 which works out to be 25% off. (Toys R Us has it at 20% off at the moment)

  • Free Monster Fighters Zombie Car with $20 Monster Fighters purchase
  • Free Friends Desk polybag set with $20 Friends purchase
  • Free Hobbit Notebook with $20 LEGO Board Game purchase
  • Free Ninjago 2012 Accessory pack with $20 Ninjago purchase

Toys R Us America also has a coupon for a free $10 Toys R Us gift card with purchases above $75. Valid instores only until November 10.