[USA] ToysRUs LEGO Bricktober Sale: October 24-30

Valid October 24-30 in USA only

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This week, ToysRUs United States is having their final week of Bricktober with 10% off ALL LEGO Star Wars and 25% off select LEGO Star Wars. They also have a promotion where you can get a FREE LEGO 6161 Brick Box (read below for details)! Online orders above $100 will qualify you for FREE Shipping as well. Thanks to forum member ThunderFighter for the news.

This Week’s Sale

  • FREE LEGO 6161 Brick Box ($14.99 value) with $50 LEGO purchase (excludes LEGO Star Wars)
  • 10% off ALL LEGO Star Wars and 25% off the LEGO Star Wars sets listed below

Note: 10% off LEGO at ToysRUs pretty much only brings the prices back to MSRP. The LEGO Star Wars sets that are 25% off works out to be less than 10% off MSRP. Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle would be the only set worth getting as its 18.76% off the MSRP price. We have made a comparsion below for your convenience.

  • LEGO 8096 Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle $48.74 (MSRP reg.$59.99 – TRU reg.$64.99)
  • LEGO 8093 Plo Koon’s Starfighter $22.49 (MSRP reg.$24.99 – TRU reg.$29.99)
  • LEGO 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack $11.24 (MSRP reg.$11.99 – TRU reg.$14.99)
  • LEGO 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack $11.24 (MSRP reg.$11.99 – TRU reg.$14.99) 

BrickTober Promotional Event This week’s figure is Black Falcon


  • Get a FREE LEGO Minifigure with Magnet Base with any LEGO purchase of $20 or more
  • Available instores and online while supplies last

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