[USA] ToysRUs LEGO Star Wars Sale for This Week

This week from September 9-15, Toys R Us America will be offering a LEGO Star Wars sale. They will be offering the following 7 sets on sale for 30% off. All other Star Wars sets will also be on sale (most likely 5-10% off). As a reminder, note that percentage discounts are taken off of Toys R Us markup prices.

  • Sebulba’s Podracer Planet Set
  • Naboo Starfighter Planet Set
  • Tie Fighter Planet Set
  • Elite Clone Trooper vs Commando Droids Battle Pack
  • Geonosian Cannon
  • Y-Wing Starfighter
  • Hoth Echo Base

For instore purchases, you need to have the coupon (shown below). For online purchases, use coupon code 955146.