[USA] ToysRUs More 2012 LEGO Sets + BOGO 50% off

Update: BOGO 50% off is now over as there’s a new LEGO sale for this week.

Lots of new 2012 January LEGO Sets inclduare now available for sale at ToysRUs.com. You can check them all out here. All of them have no markups yet except for the Super Heroes sets. As of this posting, the only Superheroes set with no markup is 6864 Batmobile and Two-Face Chase.

Best part is that all of them qualifies for their BOGO 50% off LEGO Sale (excluding Super Heroes). You can also get a FREE LEGO Gift (Mini-Figures, Alarm Clocks or Watches) when you spend $75 or more. Online orders above $49 will qualify for FREE Shipping as well.

Thanks to Bob and forum members natelite and gabriellee11 for the news.