[USA] TRU select Star Wars sets 10% to 30% off

From September 11th through 17th, TRU is offering 30% off selected SW sets.  You also receive a free R2-D2 USB drive ($14.99 value, Non-LEGO product) with a purchase of $30 or more.  Most other SW items seem to be 10% off.  Keep in mind, many SW sets are marked-up from MSRP at TRU.  Free shipping on orders over $75 and many sets qualify for in-store pick-up.  This offer is also valid in-stores.

Items that are 30% off TRU retail are:

AT-AT Walker 8129 $83.99 vs MSRP $109.99 or 24% off

Battle for Geonosis 7869 $34.99 vs MSRP $39.99 or 12.5% off

Clone Trooper 7913 or Mandalorian 7914 battle packs $10.49 vs $11.99 or 12.5% off

 Thank you to forum member sidersdd for the information.