[USA] Wal-Mart $29 Value Bundle (Retail Value: $44.98)

This is not a Black Friday deal, but I have to say, this is not too bad! Basically, for $29, you get two sets with a combined value of $44.98. This works out to be effectively 35.6% off. Valid only at Walmart.com for a limited time. Thanks to forum member pumbaugh for the heads up.

Choose one of these $24.99 value items:

  • 8092-Luke’s Landspeeder
  • 9496-Desert Skiff
  • 3648-Police Chase

Choose one of these $19.99 items:

  • 6867-Loki’s Cosmic Cube
  • 9591-Ninjago Weapon Pack
  • 9442-Jay’s Stormfighter
  • 9455-Fangpyre Mech
  • 9470-Shelob Attacks

Total = 2 sets for $29