[USA] Walmart.com Online Rollback Deals: Limited Time Offer

Valid at Walmart.com in USA only (limited time offer)

Walmart.com continues to have LEGO sets rollback! Some of these deals have been reported before either here or in our forums. As the sale prices at Wal-Mart are very inconsistent and changes frequently, we figured to post this roundup for your convenience. There is also FREE Shipping for site to store or $0.97 for shipping to home.

Note: It appears that the Cyber Monday sale has already started online.

Tip: Walmart.com has a variety of bundle deals which works out to be cheaper than buying each set separately. Please visit our Sales & Deals Forum for more details.

Atlantis & City

  • Seabed Scavenger $16.97 (reg.$19.99)
  • Exploration HQ $39 (reg.$49.99)
  • Fire Helicopter $32 (reg.$39.99)
  • Fire Boat $40 (reg.$49.99)


  • Hot! Minotaurus $19 (reg.$24.99)
  • Hot! Ramses Pyramid $21 (reg.$29.99)

Prince of Persia

  • Desert Attack $9 (reg.$10.99)
  • Ostrich Race $17 (reg.$19.99)
  • Fight for Dagger $24.97 (reg.$29.99)
  • Quest Against Time $39.96 (reg.$49.99)
  • Hot! Battle of Alamut $59.97 (reg.$79.99)

Space Police

  • Lunar Limo $32 (reg.$39.99)
  • Galactic Enforcer $79.96 (reg.$99.99)

Star Wars

  • Corporate Alliance Tank Droid $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • Clone Turbo Tank $103.54  (reg.$119.99)
  • General Grievous’ Starfighter $40 (reg.$49.99)
  • Slave I $69.97 (reg.$79.99)
  • Hot! Plo Koon’s Starfighter $19 (reg.$24.99)

Toy Story

  • Hot! Construct-a-Zurg $15 (reg.$24.99)
  • Trash Compactor Escape $39.97 (reg.$49.99)
  • Hot! Western Train Chase $60 (reg.$79.99)

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