[USA/CAN] LEGOShop.com Further Markdowns

LEGOshop.com in North America has  a few more magnet sets on sale and further reduced the prices on several sets on their sales and deals page (Thanks to forum member gabriellee11 for the news):

-Toy Story Woody’s Roundup 40% off
-Toy Story Garbage Truck Getaway 40% off
-Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck Rescue 40% off
-Toy Story Construct-a-Buzz 40% off
-Lego Games Magikus 40% off
-Lego Games Magma Monster 40% off
-Lego Female Minifigure Magnet Set 75% off
-Lego Toy Story Magnet Set 75% off
-Creator Mini Dumper 50% off
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