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LEGOShop.com has recently added 3 other items on their Sales & Deals page. 2 of the LEGO Star Wars Magnet sets are now $9.98 USD / $12.98 CAD. Looks like LEGO is clearing out their inventory of old magnets for new ones. Thanks to starwarsgeek for the news.

-Duplo 5594 Cargo Plane $29.98 (reg.$49.99)
-7996 Train Rail Crossing $12.48 (reg.$24.99)
-Star Wars Magnets 852715 – Darth Vader $9.98 (reg.$14.99)
-Star Wars Magnets 852551 – Darth Maul$9.98 (reg.$14.99)

*All prices are in USD. Availability is at the time they receive your call. Canadians will receive the sale prices converted.

LEGO Star Wars 852551 Magnets (www.toysnbricks.com)

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