[US/CA] LEGO Shop Year End Sale 2012

Update: Note that most items were out of stock to begin with. Only a few products were instock when the sale was active such as Star Wars Naboo Starfighter and City Bank & Money Transfer.

This year, LEGO Shop at Home North America (USA | Canada) will be offering the following LEGO deals for their Year End/Post-Christmas sale. Sale starts on December 25th at 0:00am EST (Dec 24 at 9pm PST).

From Canada? Be sure to check out the Canadian LEGO Brand Store Boxing Day thread. In addition to the on sale items, LEGO Brand Stores in Canada will also be offering scratch cards (10%, 20% or 50%) for every transaction. No minimum purchase required. Thanks to forum member Legobrandon for the news.


LEGO Year End Sale