[USA] ToysRUs FREE LEGO Friends Mini Playset w/$75

Update: This isn’t really a deal as all of the sets have been heavily marked up (up to 40%!). The least markup set (5%) is Olivia’s Tree House. Really, you might as well buy from Amazon.com for retail price, free shipping on orders above $25 and no tax to most states.

This week from January 22-28, ToysRUs USA will be offering a FREE LEGO Friends Mini Playset ($9.99 value) when you spend $75 or more on LEGO Friends. But since they marked all of their LEGO Friends sets up, the $9.99 value set is actually $11.99 at Toys R Us. Add it to your cart and you’ll get the deal once you hit $75.

There are no other LEGO sales from Toys R Us this week other than this LEGO Promotion. Spend $75 or more and your order ships free if you are ordering online.