Wal-Mart Canada Online Now Carrying LEGO Hard to Find/Exclusives

The Wal-Mart Canada e-Commerce site (with shopping capabilities) was launched just around the time when Target was about to make its way to Canada. It sold almost nothing on their site to now a very wide selection of items. From $0.99 shipping to free shipping on orders above $35 and now free shipping with no minimum purchase, they’re really going at it!

Forum member hatcher now informs us that Walmart.ca is now carrying hard to find/online exclusive sets. These include modular buildings, Death Star, Winter Village Market, Batman Arkham Asylum and lots more! This is definitely going to give more competition to Toys R Us Canada as they used to be the only ones that sold exclusives (aside from LEGO). Hopefully, we’ll see some discounts like gift card offers soon.

Now, when will Target get their e-Commerce site up where you can actually buy stuff?

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