Wal-Mart Canada Stores Selling LEGO Large Creative Box for $40 each

Forum member Kasmca reports that Wal-Mart Canada stores are now selling the LEGO Classic 10697 Large Creative Box for $40 each. Contains 1500 pieces. This is currently exclusive to Europe. Price is £49.99 at LEGO Shop at Home UK. Apparently, this is supposed to be a Black Friday sale item. However, some stores have started putting this set out a bit early.

There is also another Duplo Box for $40 as well. Thanks to forum member fleury for the tip.

LEGO 10697 Large Creative Box

Fire your imagination and creativity with this box crammed full of classic LEGO® bricks! With 39 colors to choose from, the building options are endless. Special pieces such as doors, windows, wheels and eyes mean that anything is possible, and there are some building ideas included to get you started. This set is the ideal gift for both budding builders and construction experts of all ages, with bricks aplenty even for large-scale projects. It also makes a great supplement to any existing LEGO collection.

LEGO Classic 10697 Large Creative Box - Toysnbricks