Wal-Mart USA Pre-Black Friday LEGO Deals Start Today

Wal-Mart America has rolled out a set of new pre-LEGO Black Friday deals. Prices are valid November 21-27. Seven LEGO sets will be discounted to $39 (reg.$49.99-$74.99).

Five of them would be considered “Black Friday LEGO prices” while two of them in the 22% off range would be factored as a regular LEGO sale. Great prices regardless though as some sets haven’t been discounted this much before including Friends Olivia’s House and Star Wars AT-AP Walker. In fact, this is probably a lot better than the “actual Black Friday deal” where they have some LEGO buckets discounted.

48% off – Olivia’s House $39 (reg.$74.99)
44% off – Ninjago Temple of Light $39 (reg.$69.99)
44% off –  City Museum Break-In $39 (reg.$69.99)
35% off – City Helicopter Rescue Hospital Set $39 (reg.$59.99)
35% off – Star Wars AT-AP Walker $39 (reg.$59.99)
22% off – Friends Heartlake Highschool $39 (reg.$49.99)
22% off – Super Heroes Battle of Smallville $39 (reg.$49.99)

*Amazon.com may follow suit and price match on these sets as well.

Walmart USA Pre LEGO Black Friday 2014 Deals November