Winter 2013 Holiday LEGO Contest

Ever wonder how the Knights from Kingdoms or Castle spent the wintery holidays? What about Lord Vampire and his Vampire Bride from Monster Fighters – do they try to let bygones be bygones and invite Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer over for a holiday dinner, or as the main course? Do the aliens from Alien Conquest have a tradition at all? You can answer these questions – enter our Holiday 2013 contest, “Holiday Traditions of Minifigures From Your Favorite Theme”!


The LEGO Group has kindly sponsored this contest. The first AND second place winners will each receive brand-new copies of 10235 Winter Village Market AND 21103 Delorean Time Machine.

Creator 10235 Winter Village Market

LEGO Creator 10235 Winter Village Market - Toysnbricks

Cuusoo 21103 Delorean Time MachineLEGO Cuusoo 21103 The DeLorean Time Machine - Toysnbricks

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