[WORLD] LEGOShop.com Maersk Train, Fansworth House, Minifigures Series 4 – Now Available

Update: Fansworth house now available in UK for £54.99.

LEGOShop.com now has the LEGO Exclusive Maersk Train available! If your from UK, there is still FREE Shipping on orders above £25 until April 15.

Buy Now: $119.99 USA | $154.99 Canada | £91.99 UK

Also, LEGO Minifigures Series 4 are now available as well with a limit of 16 per customer. Thanks to forum member chris2348 for the news.

Buy Now: $2.99 USA | $3.49 Canada | £1.99 UK

Finally, the new LEGO Architecture Farnsworth House is available for sale in both USA and Canada. There is however a very high probability that it is a mistake for Canada.

Buy Now: $59.99 USA | $69.99 Canada | £54.99 UK