World’s Largest LEGO Brand Retail Store – Leicester Square Grand Opening

The largest flagship LEGO Brand Retail Store in the world has opened in Leicester Square, United Kingdom! From November 17-20, you can get a free LEGO Store 40145 set when you spend £125 or more. You can also scratch a card to reveal your free gift with any £55 purchase. One of the potential free gift could be the exclusive LEGO Brand Retail Store minifigure Leicester!

Apologies with the delay with news coverage. I’ve been on vacation for the last few weeks.

LEGO® Store Leicester Square is opening November 17th!


The largest LEGO Brand Retail Store in the World to open November 17, 2016, featuring iconic models, exciting technology and a tea-loving mascot…

The new landmark store will be the biggest LEGO® Brand Retail Store in the world, the 37th LEGO store in Europe and cover a vast 914 sq m total area over two floors!

A LEGO Big Ben is currently being built brick-by-brick and will dominate both levels of the store. Made from more than 200,000 bricks and taking an estimated total of 2,280 hours to complete, the brick-built replica will be the world’s largest version of the famous Elizabeth Tower built by the LEGO Group and will stand an awe inspiring 6.53m high. The LEGO store version will also feature a working clock face, which will be illuminated at night – just like the real thing.