Zeller LEGO Liquidation Clearance (Canada)

As a reminder, most of the first wave Zellers stores will begin their liquidation clearance tommorow. However, it appears that some stores have begun their liquidation early. Forum member HallwayOrchard reports to us that his store in New Brunswick has already put all toys (including LEGO) for 20% off. As noted on their website, remember that liquidation stores will not honour any sort of other promotions or discounts and all sales are final.

20% off is a good start for LEGO Liquidation, but I’m sure the discount will get better. The tradeoff however is that the longer you wait, the smaller the selection. We all know the LEGO selection at Zellers isn’t the greatest, so lets hope the discount makes it quickly to 40-50% off before all the good stuff is gone!