2010 LEGO Star Wars Pricing Info

We have received some 2010 LEGO Star Wars Euro pricing info from a Lego online store site. For your convenience, we have converted them to American & Canadian Dollars. Please note that prices are estimates only and may differ from the official MSRP price in August.

LEGO 8093 Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter (~$24.99 USD / $34.99 CAD)

LEGO 8095 General Grievous’ Starfighter (~$49.99 USD / $69.99 CAD)

LEGO 8096 Palpatine’s Shuttle (~$59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD)

LEGO 8097 Slave I (~$79.99-89.99 USD / $119.99 CAD)

LEGO 8098 Clone Turbo Tank (~$99.99 – $119.99 USD / $139.99 CAD)

LEGO 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave (~$49.99 USD / $69.99 CAD)

Below: 2010 LEGO Star Wars Poster

LEGO Star Wars 2010 Poster (www.toysnbricks.com)

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