2010 LEGO World Racers 8863 8864 8896 8897 8898 8899

We now have additional pictures for the upcoming LEGO World Racers Line !  Be sure to visit our forums for additional details on LEGO World Racers. Please note that prices are estimates only.

LEGO 8863 Blizzard’s Peak (~$59.99 USD)

LEGO 8864 Desert of Destruction (~$89.99-$99.99 USD)

LEGO 8896 Snake Canyon ($9.99 USD)

LEGO 8897 Jagged Jaws Reef ($19.99 USD)

LEGO 8898 Wreckage Road (~$29.99 USD)

LEGO 8899 Gator Swamp (~39.99 USD)

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