2015 UCS LEGO 75095 TIE Fighter, 71016 D2C & LEGO Elves Pictures

Online retailer SpeelGoedNl has revealed two new rumored upcoming sets including the UCS Star Wars 75095 TIE Fighter and 71016 D2C. Star Wars Tie Fighter will be priced at €224,95 and will be available August 2015. DC2 set, rumored to be Kwik-E-Mart will be priced at €194,95 and will also be available in August 2015. Going to be an expensive year with all these exclusives!

The site has also revealed images for the new upcoming LEGO Elves sets as well.

41076 Farran & The Crystal Hollow
41075 Treetop Hideaway
41074 Azari and the Magical Bakery
41073 Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship
41072 Naida’s Spa Secret
41071 Aira’s Creative Workshop

2015 LEGO Elves 41076 41075 41074 41073 41072 41071 Set Pictures